Ways to Keep Burglars Away From your Home; How to Prevent your Santa Ana CA House from Being Broken Into!

Keeping your home safe and secure is important and keeping thieves from breaking into your home is even more important. Ever since the invention of the deadbolt, home break ins have gone down, but thieves still manage to find a way into homes if they want something bad enough. A home invasion is something that no home owner ever wants to experience. Some thieves are more skilled and experienced than others and know what to look for when trying to find an easy way into your home to steal your valuables. There are certain steps you can take to let thieves know that your home is not a good choice for them.

Hide Valuables From Burglars

A common mistake that home owners make a lot of the time is leaving valuables outside around the house. These can be items like bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and other recreational items. If these items are left out on the front yard, or in an area that a thief would easily be able to grab and go, then it is likely that it will happen. The easier the item to steal, the better for any thief. Also avoid leaving boxes out by the trash that you have just purchased, for instance, if you have just bought a new big screen TV, do not leave the box outside until the morning of trash day. Avoid advertising to the neighborhood that you have expensive valuables inside your home!

Burglary Prevention Tricks

Thieves are less likely to attempt to break into a home when they know someone is inside. Homeowners can use trickery to make thieves think someone is home, when really the house is empty. This can be accomplished by leaving a few lights on, turning the television on or even a radio. One great tool against thieves is to have a family dog, a dog barking is an excellent way to keep thieves away from your home. Take every action you can to prevent thieves from thinking your home is a good one to break into.

Secure Doors & Windows with Locks

Secure all of your doors and windows; this will make climbing through a window very difficult for a thief if they cannot even get the window open in the first place. There are a great deal of highly sophisticated locks available on the market today that will leave thieves scratching their heads when they attempt to get into your home.

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