Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ); Keys Not Working, When to Change Locks, Lock Bumping etc in Riverside CA

There are quite a few services a locksmith can provide. Lock & Key of California, for example, provides 24 hour / 7 days a week locksmith services concerning your automobile, residential and commercial business needs.

Our Automotive Locksmith services include:
• Replacement and repairs.
• Lock out rectifications.
• Rekeying. Replacing lost keys.
• Broken key removal locks or ignitions.
• Repair or replacement ignitions.

Some of our Residential services are:
• Repairing, replacing or upgrading locks.
• Service and sales of high quality locks.
• Safes and vaults.
• Key duplication, rekeying, re-cutting, or replace missing keys.
• Security hardware and installation.

Our Commercial services consist of the following:
• Services included in residential use.
• Security hardware and installation.
• Key card locks.
• Card reader systems.

We offer many additional services relating to all three areas and are happy to fulfill your needs. With all that we do, naturally inquiries are always asked and welcomed.

Lock & Key of California would like to offer answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q. My locks are not functioning like they once did. It takes effort and finagling to finally successfully unlock. What is causing the trouble?
A. There are a number of causes that could be contributing to this problem. During intense heat or cold temperatures, wood doors and/or frames could be expanding or retracting, causing the lock to not fit properly. If this seems to be an ongoing issue however, it is recommended that you have one of our professional locksmiths replace your locks do to wear and tear malfunctioning.

Q. My car key suddenly won’t start the car, but still will turn in the ignition. What’s the issue?
A. In newer vehicles, there is a transponder chip fitted in the key and the car. The 2 must work together to start the car. This is an added security measure to ensure the correct key is used for the specific vehicle. But sometimes there is a minor malfunction that renders a chip to not connect to the other. A simple re-programming is all that is needed for correction.

Q. If my keys were lost or stolen, should I change my locks?
A. It is best to have your locks changed to a different key. You do not necessarily have to change the actual lock however. You can choose to either have the lock re-keyed, or change out the lock set. If you decide on a new lockset, the entire lock, including the door knob is changed. A re-keying is generally the less expensive route. For this the tumbler in the lock is replaced, making the previous key useless.

Q. What is lock bumping?
A. Criminals typically use this method to undetectably lock pick your home or commercial building. A shaved down key is slid into the chamber, fitting into the cylinder of a specific lock and they then hit the faux key with such force to open the lock. With just a little bit of instruction and training, the criminal could quickly break into your home or business with little effort. There are now locks on the market that are bump-proof.

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We hope that your questions had been answered, but if not, please give Lock & Key of California a call, and we can provide you with a free consultation. We have the experience and training to provide you with a full array of quality locksmith services.

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