Tips for Better Home Security of your Sliding Glass Patio Doors in Irvine CA

Sliding doors are probably one of the weakest links when it comes to home security if not properly fortified. Many home break-ins are due to the intruder being able to jimmy the sliding door for entry.

Lock & Key of California would like to offer some tips and advice on better securing your sliding door.

1. Locks. Every sliding door comes equipped with a lock, generally a hook lock with the switch located under the handle. Before looking into other fortification, ensure the lock is functioning properly. Close the door and lock it and afterward try opening the door. If the door lock isn’t latching or there is just too much give on the frame, repairs need to be made.
2. Slide locking bar. If the door lock is functioning or repairs have been accomplished, invest in a door sliding locking bar. All it is, is a perfect length wood dowel or metal bar that sits in the door track. If the door is being forced open, the bar resists and the door is unable to slide open.
3. Door tracks and rollers. The door tracks and rollers need be sufficiently maintained. The rollers are typically made of plastic, and after time they will deteriorate and become worn out and the door won’t slide smoothly. If the door is not rolling well, it can easily become lifted from the track, making it relatively simple for someone to exploit the weakness. Ensure the tracks are cleaned regularly and are well lubricated. Replace the rollers when it becomes necessary.
4. Extra lock. Install a single or double locking system that attaches to the closure point on your door and have steel bolts that drop into place. Locks can be installed at any height and are simple to install if you call a professional like Lock & Key of California!
5. Alarm system. Having an alarm system for your home can better protect your loved ones, your home and it’s valuables housed inside. Make sure the sliding back door is also wired into the alarm system. If you already have an alarm system, make sure the sliding door is wired into the alarm. If it isn’t your company should come to your home and adjust the issue at hand.

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