Keeping your East Los Angeles, CA Home Locked & Secure Through the Holidays!

With the summer wound down and the fall holiday season set in, you need to make sure this is the time of year that you have your home tightly secured. Most people start to shop more often and bring home gifts for the holidays. This is a great time of year for thieves and home invaders.

Lock & Key of California has some tips and advice on how to keep your home secure through the holiday season.

Secure your Home: This is the first line of defense and the best way to keep unwanted people out of your home. Make sure that you have good reliable locks on all doors and windows. If you haven’t recently, this is a great time to have them inspected. A reliable locksmith can come to your home and inspect the integrity of the locks. The next step is to be diligent in locking the doors and windows even if you are home. Make a habit of locking the door when you come in and out of the house. There are many times that a home invader enters the home while the family is inside.

Watch Out for Door to Door Sales: This is a tactic that people will use during the holidays. They will offer some kind of product that can be sold door to door but they are actually scoping out your home to see if you keep the door locked and see if you are home. Never open the door all the way so that the so called salesman can see inside. You also can call through the locked door that you are not interested in buying anything. This tells the person you are home, but you will not be opening the door.

Be Mindful of Curbside Trash: When people are looking for a place to rob, many times they will watch the trash. When they see a box or bag or something that interests them, they will pick that house. What you can do is purchase large black trash bags that you keep your garbage in. You should also break down any and all boxes that show product details so that the person looking can’t see what is being thrown out.

Keep your Car Locked: When you are out shopping and running errands you want to make sure that you secure any bags and gifts in the trunk space or somewhere that they are not visible through the windows. Also make sure you lock your car doors and roll up the windows so that a thief is not interested in your car.

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