Broken Car Ignition & Pasadena CA House/Office Door Keys Repair or Replacement; Poor Quality Aluminum Key Blanks & Damaged Keys

When a key breaks off in one of your locks; whether it be your car or your front door, an immediate feeling of panic may enter into your chest and you may feel a bit helpless. Having a key break off in one of your locks can put you in a situation of inconvenience and make you late for work, picking the kids up from school or prevent you from getting into your home. Most keys, even brass and nickel plated keys, will eventually wear out and break along any one of a key’s fine cuts. Take a moment to inspect the keys that you use often. After so much use, a key can acquire weak points and have more than one or two deep cuts.

Aluminum Key Blanks

Keys that have been cut on aluminum blanks are a great example of keys that can get worn out more quickly. Aluminum is a light weight material that is generally not intended for long term use. Aluminum keys tend to break at a deep cut sooner than keys made from a stronger and more durable material. Aluminum keys are usually identified by their extremely light weight feel and usually come in many different bright colors, graphics and patterns that seem fun to have, however their quality is poor and can result in a broken key sitting in your lock.

Broken Key Repair or Replacement

When inspecting your keys, look for any tiny or small cracks that may appear to be near the deepest cuts of your key. This is a good indicator for a key that may be close to breaking. Replace the key immediately and avoid using it until you get your new key. A professional locksmith is the best place to go to get your key repaired or have a new, stronger key made. To be safe, do not throw your old key away, but keep the pieces and take them with you to the locksmith. The locksmith can completely destroy the old key, where as if you simply throw it in the trash, someone could use the pieces to make a new key and gain access into your home or vehicle.

Professional Broken Key Repair or Replacement & Other Locksmith Services in Rancho Cucamonga, Glendale, Pasadena, Riverside, Santa Ana, Irvine & East Los Angeles California

If you have broken your key off into a lock, do not panic; a professional locksmith has all of the appropriate tools needed to successfully remove the pieces of your key and get your lock back in working order. Never attempt to remove the key on your own as this can cause even more damage to your lock resulting in the need of an entire new lock, which will end up costing you even more money. Contact Lock and Key of California to remove your broken key and get you back to your day.

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