Security Access Control Systems Hardware; Doors, Card Readers & Alarms in Rancho Cucamonga California

In this day and age most our buildings and sensitive material is kept safe with technology. We are all guilty of relying on that high tech support. It is vital to keep that security up to par by making sure our security precautions are functioning. Just as we have regularly scheduled maintenance on our computer systems, building security, and other minor protocols, we need to ensure we frequently maintain our Access Control Systems.

Keep your Access Security Control System Database Up to Date

Access Control Systems are the root of our inner security. Performing authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, personal ID numbers, biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys. It is vital these security measures are maintained regularly. The database is the best place to start. Being that the database is used to regulate who has allowed access into buildings or specified areas of the building it is prudent to keep that database renewed with current information. Employees who leave the company must be deleted from the system promptly to prevent them from getting access later. Especially if they are not swift to return access cards. Not only updating the database on personnel who are no longer working for the company, it is an excellent suggestion to keep track of the facility changes and employee responsibilities. Due to promotions or department transfers, or simply updating access restrictions, it is necessary to keep the Access Control Systems functioning smoothly.

An unfortunate event with all technology is that we occasionally get to experience system failures. Keeping this database backed up is essential. Though many man hours can be conducted to manually restoring the information, it can also lead to more human error. Keeping a backup is a better choice in our opinion. Backups are routinely done monthly, but with larger companies with more information getting revised, weekly updates are recommended.

Access Control System Database Hardware

Keeping the database well maintained is always a good start, but often our hardware is overlooked. Keeping the doors, card readers and alarms etc, is just as important as keeping the software updated. Doors; for example can malfunction. The hinges often get wore out with opening and closing on an average day, and can eventually become nonfunctional. Card readers need their systems checked to ensure the database is accurate. A good idea is to swipe non accessible cards to accessible cards to make sure security working appropriately. Alarms are obvious. We want the alarms to be functioning in case of emergencies or intruders. The benefits to keeping the Access Control Systems maintained are clear. Aside from increased security and preventing unauthorized access, it can only enhance the company’s productivity as well.

Professional Locksmith Offering Access Control System Consultations & Implementation in Rancho Cucamonga CA

It is a good idea to use a technician you can trust, like the people at Lock & Key of California, to help keep your security system in working order and to recommend maintenance on all security measures including the Access Control System. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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