How to Keep your Glendale California Home Secured & Protect it from Burglary

When you are in your home and sitting around with your family, you probably assume that you are safe and secure. The problem is that some people rely on this sometimes false sense of security and they may overlook some of the details of what really makes your home secured. When you go to sleep at night you want to know that you have done everything that you could to ensure that gaining entry to the home is extremely hard.

Lock and Key of California has really great ideas and tips that you can follow to make sure that your home is locked up tight:

Lock It – This is one of those steps that seem too easy to talk about but it is surprising how many people have their home invaded when the doors were unlocked. The best thing to do before you end your night is to have a routine that includes checking each door and window. Make sure that window locks are used since this is a common area that thieves use to get in. During the summer month’s, people tend to go in and out of their homes more often and that means that the doors can be left unlocked. The routine of checking each entrance will eliminate an easy opening.

Lock Inspection – This is a great step and many people don’t think that replacing their locks is necessary. Locks, just like any other appliance or mechanism in and around a home can wear out. A locksmith can come out and look at the locks and help decide if they need to be upgraded or replaced. They can also test if the strength of the current locks and bolts are enough to keep you secured. Lock and Key of California offers our service to inspect and replace any locks and bolts that are not up to par. Contact us today to make an appointment for one of our qualified mobile locksmith technicians to come to you!

Alarm – This is a great addition and can alert you quickly if someone has entered your home. It can also be a deterrent to an intruder from actually sticking around and taking anything when they hear the alarm sound.

Lights – Having a quiet and dark place to work upon entering a home is a great work environment for an intruder. Make sure that during the night you have lights turned around your porch and walkways. Also be sure that the lights in the back of the house are on for the same reason. You will be able to see out quickly if you hear a noise that is unfamiliar to you. An intruder will look for a place that is dark before they will go to nice bright entry point.

Don’t Open the Door – : There are many tricks that intruders have where they will send someone to knock on the door and when the door is opened they will push their way in. Be sure to use caution when you are opening the door and make sure that you know who is there and what they want before you unlock and open the door.

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