Preventing Glendale CA Home Break Ins; Lock & Deadbolt Doors & Hide Expensive Purchases

It’s the time of year when you are making multiple purchases to satisfy your loved ones Christmas wishes. Whether you are purchasing that special piece of jewelry for your spouse, the latest video game console for your kids or a new sixty inch flat screen for the whole family; you want to be sure that your holiday gifts are stored safely and securely in your home this gift giving season. Thieves and burglars are out in force this time of year because they know that valuable merchandise is sitting within the walls of your home. Keeping these criminals out of your residence sometimes takes more than just locking your deadbolt.

Home Break Ins on the Rise Through the Holidays

While Christmas is always a time for fun and festivities, it is also a time that home break ins are on the rise. Not only does the lure of valuable merchandise sitting in homes entice criminals to break in, but also many families choose to go out of town for the holidays, leaving their homes empty and easier to break into. Most of these criminals are not skilled or experienced when it comes to breaking in, most are amateurs looking for a quick pay day, so there are some steps you can take to deter these dishonest people from getting into your home and taking your belongings.

How to Prevent Home Break Ins

One of the easiest ways for a thief to tell if your home has valuables inside is from what you put out on trash day. Be discreet when disposing of certain types of packaging, for instance, if you have purchased a large TV or other type of electronics, rather than sitting the large packaging next to the trash bin, instead break up the box into smaller pieces and put those pieces into a trash bag that will then sit inside of your trash bin. Avoid advertising to potential thieves what is inside of your home this Christmas season.

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If your Christmas tree is in plain view from a window, you may want to minimize the amount of gifts under your tree and store them somewhere else. If a thief can easily peek into a window and see a slew of gifts waiting to be stolen under the tree, chances are they will find a way in to get those presents. Installing adequate lighting on the outside of your home is a good way to keep amateur thieves at bay. If they think they have any chance of being seen trying to get into your home, chances are they will pick a home that is poorly lit to avoid detection. Make sure your home has all of the proper locks and deadbolts installed to keep criminals out this Christmas season. Contact Lock and Key of California to have an enjoyable and theft free holiday season.

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